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Maintenance & Cylinder Regulations, Expiration and Hydro-Test

Maintenance of oxygen units
To be "ready-for-use" the gauge indicator must be close to the green "full" area to have an adequate supply on hand. The unit and mask should be kept clean with soap/water.
Routinely check if the needle is in the green and if the unit is clean !
Routinely turn on the unit to confirm the oxygen flow. If there is a loud audible leak at regulator/valve connection, the regulator screw-knob is not tight or it is missing the regulator/valve seal. There are no adjustments to the regulator. If the user has forced the regulator flow-control knob, factory service or replacement of the regulator is required.

Note: Oxygen continues to flow for a few seconds after turning OFF.

Oxygen "Expiration" - According to current interpretation of 21 CFR § 211.137 as evidenced by FDA 483 reports issued to gas suppliers, expiration dating stamps are not to be applied to pressure cylinders filled with medical oxygen, apparently thus indicating that oxygen (O2) is stable and therefore does not expire, reference 21 CFR § 211.137(a) Expiration Dating - to assure that a drug product meets applicable standards of identity, strength, quality, and purity at the time of use, it shall bear an expiration date determined by appropriate stability testing described in 21 CFR § 211.166

Cylinder "Requalification" - Ultrasound or Hydrostatic Test Requirements (DOT) (49 CFR § 180.209) - An oxygen cylinder continues to be in compliance for use until such time that it is presented to the refiller to be refilled after expiration of the compliance period allowed, whereupon the refiller must requalify/test the cylinder and stamp the current date. (The refiller is responsible for compliance, not the owner/user.)
LIFE®OxygenPac, LIFE®SoftPac, LIFE-O2®, LIFE®StartSystem and LIFE®EMS D & E aluminum cylinders remain in test compliance for use until presented for refill anytime more than 5 years after the manufacture date stamp or subsequent test date stamp.

(Note: From 1986 to 2008 LIFE® OxygenPac steel cylinders are in test compliance for use until presented for refill anytime more than 10 years after the manufacture date and+stamp, or subsequent test date stamp. The  stamp allows the refiller to overfill 10% more than the 2015 PSI stamped filling/service pressure to 2216 PSI=154 BAR (90 min@ 6LPM))

We believe that if all the above regulations and guidelines are followed, you could certify with confidence that the emergency oxygen unit is in working condition for use.

LIFE® Cylinder/Valve/Gauge Technical Specifications are on Cylinder page.

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