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ABOUT US - Introduction to LIFE Corporation

LIFE Corporation was founded in 1985 as a Manufacturer of medical devices and
specializes in portable Emergency Oxygen and CPR administration equipment.
Distributors are established in every state of USA and in over 50 countries worldwide.

The initial product LIFE®OxygenPac is a portable wall-mounted Emergency
Oxygen unit. It continues to currently be the superior easy-to-use oxygen Inhalator for
breathing victims and Resuscitator adjunct for non-breathing victims.
LIFE®SoftPac™ is the lightweight 6 pound Emergency Oxygen unit, preferred for
frequent carrying. Both are ideal AED companions to provide supplemental oxygen
to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation, oxygen enriched CPR to a
non-breathing victim, or continued supplemental oxygen after successful
defibrillation. LIFE®StartSystem™ was recently introduced to provide an AED
defibrillator and the LIFE-O2® Emergency Oxygen unit in a small portable
wall-mounted case the size of a briefcase. LIFE®CPR Masks eliminate
direct contact and contagion, and feature a universal fit for adult or child.
LIFE® also provides a complete line of medical oxygen regulators and cylinders for
LIFE® products and separately for EMTs, hospitals, and the home care market.

Primary Markets for LIFE® Emergency Oxygen units are all industry, office , and
government onsite workplace safety and first aid programs and personnel that must
have adequate equipment to administer first aid and oxygen to a victim before the
ambulance arrives
. This group includes public buildings and gathering places, as well
as retail stores, schools, gyms, pools, hotels and resorts, restaurants, and
entertainment centers - anywhere there may be a need for first aid by trained staff,
before and until the rescue squad arrives. There should be no fear in administering
oxygen. The American Medical Association and the American Heart Association
recommend immediately administrating emergency oxygen.

LIFE Corporation is involved extensively in Intellectual Property including its patents
and trademarks. The patents have been infringed, successfully defended, and derived
royalties. The most recent patent involves, in part, any portable case which includes a
Defibrillator and Emergency Oxygen. The Incontestable trademark LIFE® has been
infringed and successfully defended before the TTAB, DC and CAFC. Although there
are about 40,000 trademarks which include the word LIFE, of which only a few are
the word LIFE alone, our LIFE® is the sole LIFE mark in the Trademark Register in
International Class 10 "Medical Apparatus". LIFE Corporation is also the sole
Medical Manufacturer with the primary mark LlFE in the "life science" industry.

LIFE Corporation, 1776 North Water Street., Milwaukee, WI  53202-1552, USA
Phone 800-700-0202 or 414-272-4000 - Fax 414-272-0000

LIFE® is a Registered Trademark of LIFE Corporation
Products made in the USA.
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